Successful Resume -

Cover Letter – If you want to include a cover letter with your resume, it should
be short and to the point. In your cover letter you will give a brief introduction
of yourself, summarize your skills and background, and state why you would
be a great fit for the open position. Cover letters should never be more than
one page in length. They should only give an overview – just enough to get
the hiring authority’s attention.

Resume Dos –

  • Highlight skills and accomplishments most relevant to the position
  • List all positions, activities, projects, etc. you have completed and give details about the skills and responsibilities you developed/used with
  • Include all of your contact information on your resume on all pages of
    your resume
  • Keep your resume short and to the point
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Be honest and accurate
  • Write resume in chronological order working backwards
  • Be concise. Use bullet points and short sentences
  • Be specific. “Reached 110% of sales goal for …” not “Exceeded sales
    goal every…

Resume Don’ts –

  • Exclude all personal information – marital status, age, etc. It is illegal for companies to ask for this information. Therefore, it is not necessary to
    offer it.
  • Don’t use nouns or pronouns. “Achieved highest sales record…”
    instead of “I achieved the highest…”
  • Don’t repeat. If you used the same skill(s) in several positions, include a skills section on your resume instead of repeating it over and over.
  • Don’t send out your resume without proofreading it. Mistakes on your resume will give employers the impression that you don’t pay attention
    to the details.
Don’t use extravagant details – graphics, fonts, etc. Keep your resume simple and clean looking.





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